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For over two decades, STARR COMPUTER (STARR) produced its own brand of computer and maintenance support to meet the local demands in Guyana. Its 16 years of Security and Surveillance solutions, and, 14 years of Telecommunications combined with 7 years of Renewable Energy experience places the company at a very strategic level in modern history.

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STARR Solar Energy

The greatest challenge we face today is Climate Change – created primarily from the excess use of fossil fuel. And, the best opportunity we have to conquer this is by harnessing our future power from Renewable Energy. Wind Turbine, Solar Panels, Hydroelectric, Geothermal etc. are some of the more popular options. However, in Guyana, Solar Energy is the most practical and economical application to employ.

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Preventative Maintainance

STARR Tech Squad strongly recommends that all customers take care of their computers, printers and other electronic equipment to avoid unnecessary expenses and downtime.  Below is a list of simple preventative maintenance guidelines. If you need assistance STARR Tech Squad are always ready to offer free advise.

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